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Guide to Buying a Cottage

Everyone loves a cottage getaway during the summer months in Canada. But before heading out with your chequebook to scoop up a country dream home, you should keep in mind that recreational properties have specific features and unique characteristics. Here’s a short list of things to keep in mind when considering a cottage purchase:

1. Zoning: check with the municipality to make sure thre are no surprises regarding your property; for instance is your access road a municipal road that is ploughed in the winter?

2. Survey: it’s good to get it from the sellers, but if it’s not available, you might want to look into having one done. This can prevent potential headaches with neighbours in the future if you plan to build.

3. Access and easements: check if there are any agreements to access your property through the neighbour’s lot and vice versa. These agreements need to extend to the new owner. Also, beach or water access rights should be well defined, including residential community beaches.

4. Sanitation: hire a specialized inspector to examine the septic system. Also, ask the sellers for their service records.

5. Water: Never access someone’s well! To avoid contamination, a water quality test should be ordered and performed by a qualified water inspector.

6. Plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical systems: always hire a home inspector specializing in recreational properties; they are best qualified to check on the functionality and compliance of these systems.

7. Carrying costs: It’s a good idea to factor in property taxes, insurance, utilities, winter maintenance and repairs for the months when you are not using the cottage in the winter.

Finally, it’s alway best to hire a real estate professional who specializes in the area and who can guide you through the unique features of your cottage.

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